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Again. And Again

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We had hoped for not one more. We got six more. Seven more dead…including three shooters. Two police officers. A high school kid. A good guy with a gun who, predictably enough, was killed by the bad guy with a gun.

On Sunday, two right wing extremists, husband and wife, walked into a pizza joint in Las Vegas, where two police officers were having lunch and shot the officers dead. The first they killed execution style with a bullet to the back of the head. The others was shot multiple times when he tried to react to his colleague’s murder. The killers then covered the bodies with the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, the symbol of the Tea Party, and a swastika. They then crossed the lot to a Wal-Mart, shot and killed a would-be good guy with a gun who was trying to use his own concealed weapon to try to protect others. The shooters then went to the back of the store, briefly exchanged fire with police before the husband was shot to death by police and the wife took her own life.

It wasn’t long before we learned that the two killers were part of the militia movement and white supremacists. They were so beyond the pale that they were asked to leave Cliven Bundy’s ranch, allegedly because they were too radical…this from people who feel comfortable pointing assault rifles at federal officers. They had become the definition of anti-government right wing domestic terrorist who believed that the police were “oppressors”.

And then, yesterday, a fifteen year-old gunman walked into a high school in Oregon and shot and killed one student before also taking his own life. At this writing, his motivations aren’t known…and may never be. What is known is that his weapon of choice was an AR-15 assault rifle and yet another high school kid was killed by a lunatic with a gun.

On top of these shootings, we learned that even the NRA is frightened by some of the whackadoodles they’ve empowered and helped arm. We were treated to the sight of armed lunatics carrying their assault rifles into such places as Chipotle, Chili’s, Home Depot and Target…apparently feeling the need to show their penises in public. When the NRA had the temerity to question the propriety of such public exhibitions, the hue and cry from their own members drove them to cover and forced them to say…hey, we really didn’t mean it.

And what do about it? The Speaker of the House declined even to label the Las Vegas shootings as domestic terrorism. And the guns? Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Apparently, in this country, enough is never enough.

So the gun continues to rule. And we continue to stack our dead like cordwood.

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