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AG report about Nashua duck killing: NH state rep lied and refused to cooperate

New Hampshire state representative David Campbell.
New Hampshire state representative David Campbell.

The recent Attorney General's investigative report about the December incident regarding New Hampshire state representative David Campbell running over and killing a group of ducks has stated that Campbell was “untruthful” and “refused to cooperate.”

Just before the report came out, Campbell announced he will not be seeking re-election, according to WMUR. Though Campbell said his decision had nothing to do with the killing of ducks outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, NH, the ensuing investigation discovered he had been drinking the night he ran over the ducks with his car.

What followed on the night of the incident can only be described as a cover up.

On December 23, 2013, after a holiday gathering at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, state rep Campbell ran over a flock of ducks when he was driving the wrong way out of the hotel's parking lot. A witness reported him to police after attempting to stop him. Allegedly, Campbell simply said the ducks should have gotten out of the way. After exiting the hotel parking area, Campbell later called Nashua police commissioner Thomas Pappas for a ride.

The police investigation lasted 16 days and resulted in a $695 fine and a public apology.

It was later revealed that Campbell had appeared drunk on the night in question. Campbell claimed to have only had a couple of drinks but evidence reported otherwise. Pappas did not call the police until hours later, and Campbell was conveniently unavailable until the next morning. Due to discrepancies in each of their stories, the Attorney General became involved.

In light of the duck killing and resulting actions, Pappas resigned, stating he “deeply regretted” his part in it all.

The 14-page AG report stated “Campbell refused to cooperate with the Attorney General's investigation” and that Campbell's statement regarding being unavailable because of a dead phone “was likewise untruthful.” Further, the report stated that because Campbell and Pappas had discussions about legal matters in the past, “Campbell attempted to create such a privilege” <regarding attorney-client relationship> “to prevent Pappas from revealing their discussions about the incident.”

The Attorney General concluded that though “Campbell's and Pappas' versions of the events in many regards are simply not credible, their actions do not give rise to criminal violations.”

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