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'Ag-gag' law makes its way towards the books in Idaho

A so called 'Ag-gag' law, called The Interference with Agriculture Act, is on its way to becoming law in Idaho, and could come as early as this week. S1337 would make it illegal for videos and photographs of suspected animal abuse, unsanitary conditions, or unethical treatment to be taken on farms. The proposed crime, punishable by imprisonment, has animal rights activists up in arms.

Last year Tennessee passed a similar law, but it was ultimately vetoed.

Concerned about ethical treatment of the meat you consume? Try finding a local farm that you can visit and see conditions, you can find producers at Local Harvest.

Better still, raise your own! Raising animals for meat on your own property assures you that the animals had a sanitary, happy life, were raised ethically with the very best food available, and were harvested and processed in a way that preserves the quality of the meat. You can also be sure to use every part of the animal; perhaps tanning pelts, using bones for bone broth and giving organ meats to dogs.

Katy Light has a 44 acre homestead in North GA, where she raises goats, bunnies and chickens. Find her blog at She can be reached at

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