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Aftermath of "The Moment" will have repercussions

LAS VEGAS, NV - Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes off his gloves after defeating Marcos Maidana by majority decision in their WBC/WBA welterweight unification fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 3, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Everybody asks me and I tell them that I scored the Mayweather-Maidana fight a draw at 114-114, which is the same as The Wall Street Journal, USA today, Nigel Collins of ESPN and official judge Michael Pernick. In my opinion, there is no way that Maidana won the fight as he slowed down badly after the eighth round and lost three of the last four rounds on my card. The specific round-by-round ShoStats provided by Showtime were also even at 6-6 in rounds for punches landed. What was interesting about the official scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 114-114 is they were the exact same scores of Mayweather’s bout against Canelo Alvarez back in September in which Mayweather won convincingly.

Everybody asks me and I tell them that the alliance of Al Haymon, Richard Schaefer and Stephen Espinoza of the Showtime network is the most powerful triumvirate I have ever seen in the sport of boxing. These three have the sport on a virtual lockdown and not only can they make many fights – but they also do an excellent job of preventing them. I cannot understand how Al Haymon can serve as the adviser/manager and pseudo-promoter to the same fighters and have them fight one another as that sort of situation is totally open for corruption. I am surprised that Bob Arum has not talked of bringing collusion or antitrust charges against them as there does seem to be a concerted effort on their part to totally control the entire sport, limit competition and limit consumer choice.

Everybody asks me and I tell them that Robert Garcia is the best trainer in the sport of boxing. While others counter with the name Freddie Roach I say that you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. Watching Garcia train Marcos Maidana over the past couple of months at his gym in Oxnard, California (thanks to Elie Seckback on YouTube) has been a chance to witness a man that loves his work. Garcia is lighthearted, has fun at what he does and more importantly he gets results. You can see that Garcia cares about his family, his fighters and all the people that he works with. By keeping things fun and laid back while at the same time keeping so many fighters on the winning track at the world class level is quite an achievement. Garcia’s work with Marcos Maidana is nothing short of remarkable as he has transformed Maidana from a one dimensional banger into a multi-faceted prizefighter. At only 39-years-old I have no doubt Garcia will win several more trainer of the year awards.

Everybody asks me and I tell that Floyd Mayweather is finally in a position where he will lose if he doesn't grant Maidana a rematch. At this point, Maidana is the winner in the arena of public opinion and his stock will only rise if Mayweather turns down a rematch. The public will perceive Mayweather to be scared and they will point to this as another example of him being the master of avoidance. Maidana can continue his career safe in the realization that many in the court of public opinion believe he beat Mayweather. A hero in Argentina and a fan favorite the world over, Maidana is sitting pretty and singing a song in the proverbial catbird seat.

Everybody asks me and I tell them that if Manny Pacquiao really wants a Floyd Mayweather fight he should go after it hard. One thing about Mayweather that I have learned is that he does not like to be challenged at a personal level. I’ve met him several times and have tried to ask him “tough” questions and he loses his temper. I asked him how much he was going to make against Carlos Baldomir and he proceeded to tell me it was none of my business and since he doesn’t ask me what I make for money I shouldn’t ask him either. But in any case if Pacquiao would confront him like Shane Mosley did I think that would do it. Pacquiao should have shown up at ringside the other night or got up in the ring after the fight and stolen some more of Floyd’s thunder.

Everybody asks me and I tell them that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is never going to fight Shawn Porter or Keith Thurman. Mayweather just had the scare of his life against Maidana and he has now had his Hector Camacho vs. Edwin Rosario moment. If you recall, Camacho was shaken up badly by Rosario when they met in 1986 and Camacho eked out a controversial split-decision win. Camacho never fought the same after that fight and he turned into a safety first runner that was afraid to mix it up. Mayweather has three fights remaining under his Showtime contract and at 37-years-old he isn’t going to want to fight young tigers that are hungry and who want to scratch him up. Mayweather is going to be safety first, go for the soft touches and smaller fighters who can’t punch. I can certainly see a scenario by which Mayweather simply renegotiates his Showtime contract so that he is not forced to deliver the high pay-per-view revenue figures. Mayweather was shown up by Maidana on Saturday night. He was cut, he was bruised and one thing about Mayweather you should now is this – he doesn’t like to work that hard for his money.

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