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Aftermath of PSN Error Code 8003200D


Not the PS3 version of the RRoD, but still annoying... |

March 2, 2010- Yesterday, many Playstation 3 owners were forced to go the day without playing many of their recent games thanks to faulty programing error.  Hours after gamers had reported issues with trophies not loading and certain games not playing, Playstation.Blog posted an update on the situation, stating that customers were "unable to connect to the Playstation Network" on older models (excluding the Slim) and believed it to be the fault of "a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system." (Seybold, 

What could have caused Sony's video game powerhouse console such drama?  The "bug" was a simple programming error, as older Playstation 3 models had been set that the year 2010 was a leap year, and the conflicting dates of February 29, 2010 and March 1, 2010 caused the infamous 8003200D Error Code.  The end results of this error prevented the Trophy system from syncing or updating, prevented gamers from connecting to the Playstation Network and, in some cases, made several games unplayable.  Sony even advised those with older models to avoid using their system for the next 24 hours or until the error is fixed.

Many customers were dismayed with the delimma and felt that Sony should have caught this error earlier than this.  This same "bug" affected Zune owners a year before, though the issue was inevitably resolved and almost forgotten shortly after and merely passed on as a joke.  The error has been resolved, and despite the inconvenience it caused, most gamers are more than willing to get over the whole issue by booting up their console and sharing a match online with a few friends. 

The Slim models were not affected by this bug, and Game Stop is still taking special orders. Call ahead for availablility.

Game Stop Locations: College Drive, (225) 234-7703 / Mall of Louisiana, (225) 761-4177 / Seigen Lane, (225) 295-0669


  • hrithmus 5 years ago

    It was the 8001050F error epic fail

  • mad gamer 5 years ago

    thats bull. because i have a ps3 slim, and i also get that error code.

  • manani 5 years ago

    from the yellow lights of death to the ps3 network damn!lmao. i guess sony is trying to say, look microsoft,we can have system deaths too,why should you have all the f-ups?!

  • manani 5 years ago

    hey, have you guys heard this new rock band an there song? this band is called so'phony sony and there new song is called the yellow lights of,deeeeaaaath. frm there album the psn error theory. its hott! just like the xbox 360 after 2hrs.

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