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Aftermath of PSN Error Code 8003200D



  • hrithmus 6 years ago

    It was the 8001050F error epic fail

  • mad gamer 6 years ago

    thats bull. because i have a ps3 slim, and i also get that error code.

  • manani 6 years ago

    from the yellow lights of death to the ps3 network damn!lmao. i guess sony is trying to say, look microsoft,we can have system deaths too,why should you have all the f-ups?!

  • manani 6 years ago

    hey, have you guys heard this new rock band an there song? this band is called so'phony sony and there new song is called the yellow lights of,deeeeaaaath. frm there album the psn error theory. its hott! just like the xbox 360 after 2hrs.

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