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After your relationship has ended you are still standing

Still standing

The end of a relationship can be devastating.

Depending how long a person has been in a relationship will determine how they react to that relationship ending.

As a result of a relationship gone bad for some moving on is hard and for some others moving on is even harder. When it is all said and done for whatever reason the relationship is over.

Why do so many individuals have a hard time mending and moving on?

In some cases when a relationship ends individuals think prior to the end they can't live without the other person. For some, fear causes them to stay. For some, time in a relationship is their feet dragging reason to hold on for as long as they can. Once the fear is over and reality sets in at some point individuals realize their relationship has really and truly ended.

After many boxes of tissue to wipe away ones tears has been used and plenty of pints of ones favorite ice cream has been eaten it's time to reflect back and move forward. As each second , minute, hour and day comes and goes the break up will get a little easier. Standing up and taking responsibility for your part in the failure of the relationship is the first step to stepping out of your past and into your future. How you chose to move forward is totally up to you.

As each day comes and goes the realization will set in that even though you have cried and wondered why, you are still standing. The fact that you survived the end of that relationship and you didn't allow it to break you is reason to celebrate and you are still standing. The fact that even recognizing that you may have wanted to stay in the relationship but you left because you knew in your heart it was best for you to go is reason enough to extend your celebration and be grateful that you are still standing.

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