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After the wedding day, what happens to the wedding dress?

Trashing the Dress
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For most happily married couples, a bride tends to keep the dress as a special memento – recalling the happy memories of the wedding day. It’s common for new wives to pass on their once worn atelier to her daughter, friend or another special loved one. For some brides, this is not the case.

An evolving-trend that is appealing to a newer generation of brides and grooms is trashing the wedding or groom’s attire! Trash the Dress is a term used to describe an after wedding activity in which brides and grooms consider interesting or unique settings (all dressed up in the wedding gown or tuxedo) after the wedding day – typically too have fun where the dress is no longer required for long term admiration or usage. “On my honeymoon, I climbed the highest hill (in Jamaica). And, in my dress, I decided to go zip-lining. I wanted to capture a moment that I was very happy with no restrictions. My wedding was so stressful but at least on my honeymoon, I was able to do something that I really would look back at and say that I had fun”, said Gracie Bostin from Utah.

If you are going to “Trash Your Dress”, consider the following:
1. Be sure that you are fine with departing from your wedding dress – Most brides still carry an emotional connection to the first wedding dress.
2. Seek out a location or atmosphere that represents you as a couple – Locations help to convey a message. You want to be sure that your photos portray the intended message.
3. Hire a photographer who has experience with this new concept – An experienced photographer can offer alternate angles, positions and suggestions to help you accomplish your unique look.
4. Be creative and unique – Think out of the box and be prepared to have fun. It shows in the final photos.
5. Don’t throw away the dress – After you fun with the dress or tuxedo, consider dry-cleaning the garment and storing them – you may not want to use it again but if you need to re-shoot any special moments, you will have access to the attire.

Using the dress or tuxedo after the wedding day is another way to keep the first days of your lives together interesting, fun and exciting. It’s really more about the memories that you create to last a lifetime.

Happy Weddings!

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