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After the holiday's


The new year is finally here. The holiday's are finally over, parties have come and gone. Now it is back to the daily routine of things. The sparkles are put away, it is time to get back to your daily life. The questions now that arise are what new trends will be gracing the magazines this new year? Predictions? Nudes. Sure they are a trend that have been in the news for years, but you can never say good bye to a classic. It feels as though certain colors bring a comeback every now and then. Nude colors go with everything, they can also be worn day and night and always blended with another color. You can still put a little sparkle in your look even though the holiday's are over. A fad that some people believe is left for the night life. Ditch the fashion ideas that might not seem the best for you. If you want to wear it; do it.