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After the crucifixion

Red Sky
Red Sky
Cheryl Williams

Holy Week is the pivotal point in the history of mankind. Good Friday is the day that Jesus Christ gave His life so that others might have eternal life. Easter Sunday is the day the same crucified Jesus rose from the dead, proving to the world that He is the Messiah, spoken of by the prophets.

Today is a day of somber remembrance of what Jesus suffered. Even though we know the joyous outcome, it is important to remember the entire event as it occurred. It is a time to remember not only the pain that Jesus suffered, but a time to also remember the pain his loved ones suffered.

Surely His mother Mary and His beloved friends and disciples experienced unimaginable grief. Even though Jesus had told them He would rise again, surely they had to doubt in the midst of seeing Him beaten, tortured, mocked, and hanging on the cross. Sure they had to believe He was gone forever.

Imagine experiencing a walking vibrant Jesus one moment only to see Him in agony the next, heaving His last breath, asking God why He had forsaken Him.

Surely part of Jesus's agony was seeing the pain He was causing His loved ones. That is a trait of our human compassion. Surely it was magnified in the one who was human, yet who loves to a degree deeper than humanity is capable of.

On this day before Easter, take the time to reflect on the suffering of Jesus and those who loved Him. Tap into that suffering and you will realize the greatness of the greatest gift the world as ever known...the gift of eternal life.

Read Luke, chapter 23.

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