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After the bond failure: What's next for WFISD area schools?

At least the building could've been reused
At least the building could've been reused
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Ok, as of last week, the WFISD school board had decided to make improvements to the three high schools without the bond money. All three schools needed upgrading. According to KAUZ News Channel 6 last Tuesday, the school board met to decide whether to install a chair lift at Hirschi High School.

What was net after the bond failure? Well, KFDX News Channel 3 said in it’s noon broadcast today, that they were meeting to discuss their plans to renovate Barwise Academy without the needed bond money. Whether the changes took place and were successful was left up to God.

Jeremiah 29:11 said:

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. (KJV)

My biggest problem with the bond itself was, if both Build a Better Bond and Community for a Better Bond knew that passing a $125 million bond was an uphill battle, why didn’t both sides find a way to compromise? In spite of Wichita Falls’ inability in competing with the bigger schools in places like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, this area still had students playing sports by signing letters of intent for other major colleges every year.

To me, felt like the whole thing was a waste of time basically because the sweeping changes like merging two of the high schools into one mega school would leave a large amount of the population out of sorts as 65% of the population was considered poor. With the economy as bad as it had been for so long. This sweeping change hit the poor in the community in their wallets. There were no solid plans other than in the proposal made by CFAT.

Both sides knew about MGT’s recommendations on maintaining the three high school system, but chose the “newer and fewer” option in spite of the Stage 5 Drought restrictions. All the details weren’t ironed out yet like where and how the WFISD was to make upgrades to the three high schools.

  • The area by Memorial Stadium was basically similar to the area around Sheppard Air Force Base in that there was nothing out there. The boondocks but on the other side of town.
  • The traffic study was not even thought of during this proposal. Parking was bad at WFHS and MSU after 9 a.m.
  • Who would’ve attended the new school if it were built?
  • What was the fate of Hirschi High School, if the bond passed and the choice plan maintaining it were discontinued, how was it to compete with the newer high school?

If both sides were “realistic“, that ridiculous bond wouldn’t have been brought to a vote. After the humiliating bond defeat last month this resident doubted whether any other bond similar to the last could‘ve been put together before elections in November. At least with the closing of two elementary schools, Alamo and Sam Houston, having one of the junior high schools, Zundy, reopening as an elementary school, and reopening Barwise Junior High as Barwise Academy, all wasn’t lost. Their reason for closing them, upkeep on the older school buildings were a problem. One of my Sunday School teachers told me that with the two newly elected school board members, money wasted from past mistakes would’ve ceased. According to one of the church van drivers, all the teachers let go last year were supposed to save the district money. Texas was one of the states ranked at the bottom when it came to teacher salaries anyway. This teacher said that all those teachers let go last year were rehired.

There were concerns about the curriculum taught at this mega school. No where was there any provisions made for the special needs students affected by this sweeping change. That was one of the wrinkles the school board hadn’t ironed out yet, but they allowed C SCOPE into the local classrooms last year. If they were fussing over Christianity being taught in public school and wanted it removed, they shouldn’t have allowed C SCOPE and their favoritism of Islam either. All reference to any religion should’ve been avoided because of the high wall theory of separation of church and state. Big Brother should’ve been placed on the curb too or placed in time out It was as close to any core curriculum that was shunned by the state anyway.

Maybe my friend at church was right. With the two newly elected school board members, it would’ve stopped all that waste.

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