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After-School All-Stars November 2009

In the spirit of giving, the After-School All-Stars community did their part to help out people in need. The ladies of Coretta Scott King volunteered to sort and pack boxes of food at Atlanta Community Food Bank. The kids at Sandy Springs Middle School sent care packages to soldiers in Iraq, Turner's students sold cake slices to raise money for Fort McPherson, and the Mighty Mustangs of Parks Middle School participated in a fundraising effort for a local hospital. Likewise, they were involved in a community garden where they donated the food to those who were hungry. The Jaguars of Harper-Archer Middle School, kids at Brown Middle School, and the students of Long Middle School took part in a food drive in which they donated nonperishable items to local families. The After-School All-Stars kids should be commended for their dedication to service.

Before Thanksgiving, the students of Long Middle School were able to bring out the scientists within them. The "One Fair 2009" was a science fair in which the kids were able to display their hard work to teachers, administrators, and volunteer judges. The subjects that the students focused on were science, math, and social studies, and they had an opportunity to research a variety of topics. Some of the questions investigated were:
(1) How much salt is needed for an egg to float?
(2) Which dish detergent makes the biggest bubbles?
(3) Can a magnet create electricity?
(4) Which bubble gum is the most elastic?
(5) Michelle Obama: Presidential Wife or Policy Maker?
Students were evaluated based on the depth of their data and illustrations of their findings through pictures and graphs. Each of the science fair projects consisted of journals that contained in-depth information on the research topics and tri-boards that contained visual information about their subjects of study. These projects were truly magnificent and the kids should be applauded for the hard work they put in.

After-School All-Stars has shared a long partnership with Georgia State University Athletics. This month the Mighty Mustangs of Parks Middle School and students from Long Middle School watched the Georgia State University vs. Virginia Commonwealth University game. The students also participated in their own volleyball matches. The kids from Parks Middle participated in a speed match against the Boys & Girls Club, and the Mighty Mustangs scored a victory. The Georgia State University Band was playing to salute the volleyball players and the students.