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'After Obama' will make you think about the next election

Have you been wondering what this country will do in 2016, after the reign of President Barack Obama is over? Will the next president be a woman, a democrat, a republican or another minority influence? Where has God been during all the grief that we’ve endured over the past few years? “What if…?” Can you speculate what would happen if things were different?

"After Obama" is a great read for a day at the beach and see other writings by Marc
/ Marc Curtis Little
"After Obama" will make you consider this next presidential election
/ Marc Curtis Little

The highly anticipated novel about the presidency of Barack Obama, After Obama, was released on May 27 amidst curiosity from a number of readers and reviewers. A near capacity crowd at the Weequahic Branch Public Library in Newark, New Jersey, heard the book’s author, Marc Curtis Little, read key excerpts of the book and responded by purchasing nearly all of the books that were available for sale.

“Though my books have a backdrop in Newark, and the characters have a relationship with the city, we never had an event of this magnitude in Newark since I began writing professionally in 2007,” said Little, a native of Newark’s South Ward and a 1969 graduate of the city’s Weequahic High School. “I was encouraged by the makeup of the crowd. Many of my childhood friends came out, and I noticed an appreciable number of new faces. Judging from the responses, I am encouraged about the book’s future prospects.”

During the audience discussion, Little made a plea for the attendees to join him in donating time and resources to public libraries in their neighborhoods.

“I was fortunate to grow up in an era where access to public libraries was nearly on par with going to school,” Little continued. “Though printed books are not as popular today as they were then, reading is still necessary. The difference is that it is being done through modern technology, such as social media. Thus, public libraries need to be updated on a continuous basis, and community activism has to be just as fervent today as it was at that time in this regard. Though I am impressed with what many communities are doing to promote literacy, more need to step up and augment those efforts. It takes a village to keep these programs moving and I am issuing that clarion call to my fellow authors,” said Mr. Little.

You may have seen Marc Curtis Little locally at the Jacksonville Art Walk, Chamblin’s Uptown Book Store or at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church’s bookstore. He is planning a series of events later in the year to support public libraries, which will be starting in Newark.

Take a little time and find out what will happen with the Presidency of this United States. Read the hot new novel, “After Obama”. Get your copy here.

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