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After many years of homelessness, Cookie has finally found her forever family

Cookie finally goes home.
Cookie finally goes home.
Cookie - The Forgotten Dog FB page

Making a connection between a shelter animal and a forever family can take a long time, even years. So it’s a happy day for Yonkers Animal Shelter and their followers as Cookie’s long-awaited dream of a “happily ever after” has just become a reality.

After more than six years, Cookie is going home.
Cookie - The Forgotten Dog FB page

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After more than six years in the shelter, a returned adoption through no fault of her own, and boarding, this very deserving girl has finally found her forever family. Following a brief brush-up in training with Dogward Bound to guarantee her success, tears of joy are being shed by those who tirelessly worked to make this happen, as they watch Cookie take her freedom ride to her new home in New Jersey.

Cookie is proof that given the time and the chance, “good things come to those who wait.” That’s all she really wanted - someone to care for her and love her unconditionally. Give a homeless pet your heart and they'll give you their undying loyalty in return. Although spending so long in a shelter is sad, it’s time for Cookie to leave her past behind and look ahead to her bright new beginning.

Updates like these make believers out of all of us. It proves to us that there is someone out there for every animal, if only they could all be given enough time to find each other.

Our thanks to everyone who shared for this beautiful girl, especially Yonkers Animal Shelter and the admins of her Facebook page, who kept us updated on her progress. Your efforts and hard work paid off.

Now Cookie can start her new journey in the forever home of her dreams. We hope her family offers patience and understanding as she adjusts to her new surroundings.

Happy life, happy tails, Cookie!