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“After Job Had Prayed!” (Job 42:10)

“After Job Had Prayed!” (Job 42:10)
“After Job Had Prayed!” (Job 42:10)

After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.”(Job 42:10)

Sunshine comes after the rain. Afternoon follows the 12:00 o’clock pm hour. Earthquakes have aftershocks. The moon comes after the sun goes down. Sleep and rest usually come after dark. Fullness comes after eating a nice meal. Life is full of after(s). You may be able to think of many more.

God has given insight in His Word, The Bible, about experiencing an “after.” He states after death there is the judgment. He also proclaims that after believing in His Son, Jesus Christ. There is eternal life. Remember the friends from the last article that received prayer. God states, “After Job prayed for his friends.” God accepted Job’s prayer for his friends and forgave them. God showed kindness and favor to the one who prayed. Job received restoration from God in specific areas of his life after he prayed.

Believers in Christ Jesus can expect answers to their prayers. After they pray according to God’s will, God answers them. After prayer, their relationship with God grows and prospers. They become more like Him in character and integrity. Their prayers for others are powerful. They are able to influence people, places, and situations. Believers should not take for granted the effectiveness of praying. God is very attentive to them and is pleased. Prayers are based on faith and trust in the only God who is able to answer.

God answers with peace for others. He answers with salvation and protection from evil. He delivers from sickness and harm/danger. He answers with provision and resources. He answers with comfort and support. He answers with compassion and love. He answers mightily as He hears believers call on His holy name.

Challenge: Believers, keep on praying and seeking God. Rely on the Holy Spirit’s leading and God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.