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After floral design lesson, review and practice what you learned during a lesson

Are you planning to take floral arrangement lessons ? Would you really like to earn good skills of floral designs ? If so, it is recommended for you to take following actions:

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Bring under-mentioned items to a classroom when you take a lesson:

*Notebook and pen: to take a memo what you learn at the classroom.

*Digital camera: to take pictures of the floral arrangement you make during a lesson

After a lesson is over, you should bring all materials (mentioned below) back home so that you can review and practice ,before you forget, what you learned at the classroom:

*Fresh flower materials

*Floral foams

*Container (vase)

Namely after getting back home, you should try to repeat (duplicate) the same arrangement you made at the classroom. Above mentioned notebook and photo taken with a digital camera can help you remember what you did and how you did during a lesson. If the time allows, it is better to take a motion picture during a lesson to help you remember the procedures of floral designing.

As floral foams MAY not keep the original shape after using for the arrangement at the classroom, it may be a good idea to buy several types of foams beforehand so that you can use brand new foams for review and practice after getting back home.

Once in a while we find students who do not bring back home flowers and other materials they used during a lesson. If they want to make the best use of the opportunities of taking lessons, they are supposed to bring all the stuff back home .

The key to success for earning good floral arranging skills is reviewing and practicing what you learned during lessons in addition to concentrating on the training and lecture by your instructor at the classroom. This can be said not only for learning floral designs but also for any kind of skill or subject your learn.

California Flower Art Academy has been teaching local residents in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley (San Jose) since 1990 as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan). If you are seriously looking for a reliable floral arrangement instructor who can teach students with hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions, why not join California Flower Art Academy where you can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact We help you make a difference in floral art.

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