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After Emmys night fashions

What are your post Emmy's fashion opinions?
What are your post Emmy's fashion opinions?
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Have you been watching every awards night for untold years to try to get a feel for what a Chicagoan might wear if invited to such an event? Maybe, like the untold model in question, you saw some of the less than perfect and sought after gowns being worn by people like the star of The Good Wife, wondering whether what she did was, well, maybe not a disaster. However, was the way she made a fashion statement, complete with her hairdo, not exactly what you'd like to see in one of the Chicago based episodes of The Good Wife, if not to do a fashion makeover in that series?

Knowing that, can we all agree that Halle Berry's gown was absolutely exquisite, when compared to the other actresses and their gowns, with enduring lines and a classic look in an evening gown? Contrasting it with Julia Roberts' bubble dress or Sophia Vergara's white close fitting gown, were they what some may call cocktail dresses? You don't go into a swoon (Who swoons anymore anyway?)about Julia Roberts' gown but you certainly don't want to order ten copies of the dress in ten different colors to go to your average semi-formal affairs of the upcoming season. You also may get them at a discount for ten bridesmaids for one of those opulent weddings or ten for a show that is similar to Dancing With The Stars for use in the singing/dancing routine, perhaps with Jennifer Lopez. Maybe you'd use the sweater in our featured outfit in the photo, accented by the sequins, with black on black, saying that black is the new orange, after what the star of Scandal wore. Did it take a great deal of imagination to come up with that orange dress that Kerry Washington wore or did she simply (Heaven forbid!!) wear it to get attention, which she usually gets on a regular basis. (So it's very unlikely that it's the reason she wore it.)

Shall we look upon someone who is looking at the evening gowns of the Emmys as a bonafide critic of fashions or shall we secretly wonder why anyone who is established in the world of fashion, especially for an event aired in Chicago and beyond, would want to review the dresses and the coverage of that night's festivities? That being the dilemma, we must look forward to the next Hollywood type of fashion event as an opportunity to guess who will be the best dressed then, right?