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After death threats 'South Park' creators return to regularly offensive programming



  • jane doe 6 years ago

    Anti-semetic rant? Oh, no! I'm Jewish and if I knew that I would have phoned in a death threat to stop it from happening!! :.)

  • ML 6 years ago

    That's because other religions can except the fact that their religion has holes in it, but extreme Muslims can't. If you think about it Jewish people are always made fun of and no one cares about it. It's sad to see in the 20th century people can't chill and see the other side of a view and laugh about it.

  • Lori 6 years ago

    I guess the extreme Muslims have very, very sensitive feewings.

  • Larry B 6 years ago

    Not crazy about their humor but they have constitutional right to continue it. Offended Muslims have the right to get upset but not the right to intimidate or threaten anyone. They have the absolute right to turn it off that's why there's an on off switch and a channel changer. Cow towing to threats is a terroist tactic that is beginning to wear thin. At some point in time the Devout Muslims are going to get with it and take care of their radical members otherwise all Muslims are going to suffer a terrible backlash.

  • Hassan 6 years ago

    Just to let you know, that "radical Muslim group" is a BLOG. It's an extremist blog founded by 2 Israeli settlers that regularly pumps out the most offensive statements for every American tragedy. No matter what happens, the two Israeli guys running "revolution Muslim" try to make Muslims look as bad as possible with their ridiculous screeds.

    So no, this wasn't an extremist "group". It's not a "group", it's a blog. It's something on the INTERNET, with no militant or armed wing involved at all.

  • dntcar 6 years ago

    coolness I'm gonna write a school report on this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Portland Muslim Examiner - Harris Zafar 6 years ago

    As a Muslim myself, I was appalled by the reaction of this group to the South Park episode. I still am in disbelief that they issued a death threat based on such a silly thing like this. I have also written an article about this in my Portland Muslim Examiner column and welcome your feedback about it.

  • Bob 6 years ago

    I have to say, Mohammed was already in SP back in season 3, episode 5 i think, super best friends, he was right there in the open and no 1 said anything, he had the power to control fire not the right to be ridiculed, i have a muslim firend and he thinks south park is some funny s***, and was in no way offened lol, and considering they have alredy shown him on TV i dunno what the all the fuss is about! these so called extreamists need to do a tad more research XD, makes me laugh that in 2003 no i did s*** to matt and trey, and now they get the threats...well i think these extreamists are not muslims at all just a couple of haters on the net, ever thouoght other relgions could have a prob with SP and they just pretend to be a muslim group, i mean they had buddah doing coke in front of that to Mohammed in a bear suit and tell whats wrong

  • Hayes 6 years ago

    If we start censoring our rights to free speech because we fear what some overly sensative religous nuts think then we all better start bowing-down to terorist as our new leaders. I love South Park for the their somewhat twisted and offensive humor, that is what makes it great and I hate that a group of thin-skinned jerks want to screw with the best cartoon ever. But what is worse is they threatened us and we flinched, that really makes me mad.

  • Fred 6 years ago

    I'm not going to lie, if muslims are going to throw death threats at our entertainers they just should get deported out of our free country. if they cant stand to live with us then why let them? send them back with their people that think more like them and get them out of our way.

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