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After brief respite in Bermuda kayaker resume historic journey to Florida

After several days of respite Polish kayaker Aleksander Doba is ready to resume his historic journey to New Smyrna Beach, Florida where the temperature is a pleasant 60 degrees.

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Getting Ready For The Las Leg of His Journey
The Royal Gazette

According to Cooper Stevenson of The Royal Gazette, “His kayak repaired and his belly full, Polish adventurer Aleksander Doba said the help he has received in Bermuda has been tremendous, but needs just one last favor.”

A broken rudder forced Doba to make a detour to the island of Bermuda. Dozens of well-wishers, members of the Polish press, two journalists from National Geographic and his close friend Piotr Chmielinski were there to welcome him.

Doba arrived in Bermuda on Monday, Feb.24 “unassisted,” according to Stevenson.

“After paddling to the Island unassisted, Doba, a retired engineer, made landfall in Ely’s Harbour early yesterday morning and was then towed by marine assistance company, Sea Assist, to Ordnance Island, St George's to pass customs.”

Although sea-weary, Doba maintained a busy schedule during his first few days on the island. He ate several “hearty meals.”

“Of course, I look forward to good food, all the time.”

He participated in several interviews with, with his close friend Chmielinski serving as interpreter.

Primarily, however, he oversaw the repairs on his cherished vessel.

“Mr. Doba’s kayak has now been repaired free of charge at Convict Bay Marine in St. George”

However, Doba now faces one of the most serious “setbacks” he has encountered on his long voyage from Portugal. The purpose of his transatlantic voyage was to complete a solo-journey “under his own power.

“But, according to Stevenson, “in order to restart his solo trans-Atlantic trek, Doba must get back on his originally charted course, hopefully nullifying any assistance he received in Bermuda that might invalidate his record attempt.”

This brings us to the “one last favor” Doba mentioned earlier.

He almost certainly will need “Someone to take him and his kayak “OLO” to the point where he was blown off his original course, some 300 miles south of Bermuda.”

“Anyone willing to help Aleksander. Doba is encouraged to contact The Royal Gazette, or Doba’s friend and colleague Piotr Chmielinski at

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John Hall
Charlotte Canoeing Examiner

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