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After a renovation, Military Park is open for the summer

This is a view of the newly improved Military Park in Newark, New Jersey.
Lucy Santos

With a huge bronze Wars of America statue, created by renowned sculptor Gutzon Borglum, Military Park was always a great place to visit in Newark, New Jersey. Now the park is better than ever before after being renovated. Before the only place where visitors could sit at the park was on a bench. Not only are there currently more benches, there are also tables with green umbrellas where people can sit and have lunch. There is also a reading room at the park and ping pong tables providing individuals with good ways to relax and fight off stress.

Nature and garden lovers will really enjoy going to Military Park. The grass at the park was wilted and unkempt, but now the grass is lush. There are also many flowers as well as shrubs and many other varieties of plants. Soon we will be seeing many butterflies at Military Park.

All the history buffs and sightseers must see the Wars of America statue at the park. The area surrounding the statue was dirt, but now there is fresh green grass, plants and flowers making the bronze masterpiece look even better. If you never saw the Wars of America statue, now is the best time to see it. If you saw this work of art before, you must see it again, for this time it is has the beauty of nature.

Whether you visit Newark this summer for business or pleasure, do visit the new Military Park where the spirit of America comes to life.

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