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After a long delay, Mayweather makes it to DC

Mayweather is counting down to his career
Mayweather is counting down to his career
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

World champion, Floyd Mayweather and his team were stuck on the tarmac at a New York airport for close to 5 hours trying to get to Washington, DC to announce his upcoming rematch with Marcos Maidana on September 13 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, to be shown live on Showtime Championship Boxing. After the long wait at DAR Constitutional Hall, boxing fans in DC greeted the champ with a loud reception and Mayweather was very greatfull. "DC has the greatest fight fans in the country." He went on to chant his slogan about hard work and the fans chimed in like he was an old friend. In the late hour, the press conference was not as organized as they usually are. The fans were allowed to approach the stage and were very vocal....all in favor of Mayweather. When Maidana approached the micro phone, he simply thanked the fans for being there and sat down. Floyd had much more to say.

Mayweather Promotions, CEO, Leonard Ellerbe, a DC native was thrilled to be back home. "I love coming back home. This such a great boxing town that has had great champions grow up here." During the show, Ellerbe was grateful enough to introduce two of DC's former world champions in Sharmba Mitchell, a 2 time champion at the Jr. Welterweight division and Mark Johnson a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. A very nice gesture. "I am always happy to recognize champions from DC. I remember those guys representing their home town as true world champions."

Many of Mayweather fans did not see a reason to give Maidana a rematch. The first fight was a rough and tumble affair, that Floyd thought was a dirty fight on Maidana's part, from head butts (unintentional), to low blows, to tackling Mayweather almost out of the ring, to wanting to use a type of glove that was not approved by the champion. "My father always taught me that you fight hard, but you don't cheat to win and I don't cheat, I just win, 46 up and 46 down", says Mayweather. "The fans wanted this rematch", says Ellerbe. "The first fight was a good fight and both fighters will make adjustments and the best man will win." The first fight did not break any records for pay per view buys. Ellerbe would not give the exact numbers, but he did say the it fell into the top 10 all time, which Mayweather probable has 9 of them. "All I know is that 10 days after fight, Floyd and I went to bank to cash a check for 32 million dollars," recalls Ellerbe.

Ellerbe also would not reveal Mayweathers style in the rematch. "He did not run in that first fight" Many think Mayweather will return to his style of hit and run and not mix it up with Maidana. This will be a rare rematch for Mayweather. Please subscribe and follow DC's own Leonard Ellerbe as he helps guide Mayweathers final 3 remaining fights of a brilliant career.