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After 924 years, St. Margaret’s Church in North Lane installs its first toilet

Although Jesus Christ never used a toilet, St. Margaret’s Church in North Lane decided to add one after 924 years. The church decided to take a modern approach to plumbing and install its first toilet.

After 924 years, St. Margaret's Church in North Lane installs its first toilet.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Courier News reported that St. Margaret’s is raising funds to renovate the old church. Changes will include a commode, a basic kitchen and a new level for children’s Sunday school classes.

Reverend Lionel Whatley is heading the project.

Whatley, an innovator from South Africa moved to the UK 15 years ago. He also reminds everyone that Jesus Christ never used a toilet. He stated the importance of improving the church:

"We have lots of weddings and funerals here and it can be terribly uncomfortable for people."

The article mentions that while the church continues its modernization project, it will keep its aged appearance. It is estimated that work should be completed sometime next year.

Visit the Courier website for more details about this interesting story.

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