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After 8 years, 'excellent family dog' dumped at overcrowded animal control


"Muffin," formerly, "Mufasa," was surrendered to the South Los Angeles animal shelter after living with his family for eight years.

Muffin did nothing wrong...he did not become destructive or fight with another dog.

Instead, his family had to move and for some reason, their dog was not able to join.

Today, the eight-year-old pit bull is one of 917 dogs in the Los Angeles, Calif. animal care and control system.

Yes, you read that correctly, nearly 1,000 dogs are currently being held in the shelter system in this one city.

Suffice to say, Muffin, though perfectly sweet, and highly adoptable, is just a number now and his odds of leaving this facility alive are slim.

When his family left him at the shelter, they told the staff that he was an "excellent family dog."

It seems that they were right. The staff adores Muffin and they hope to see another family give him a chance.

A volunteer shared:

Muffin is truly a wonderful playmate. He's huggable, sweet, and so devoted to his people. He's strong, that's true, so hold tight to that leash -- but still as gentle as they come.

He's oblivious to the barking, the jousting, and the taunting around him. Muffin is super mellow. He's curious but unwilling to be a part of the riff-raff.

He's refined and proper, always well-attired in his gray and white coat. Those big brown eyes are begging for a chance at a new life.

Though Muffin seems to be perfect, he still needs help and his life is in grave danger.

Please take a moment to network on Muffin's behalf. The odds are not in his favor.


  • Age - 8 years
  • Weight - 81 pounds
  • Breed - pit bull mix
  • Owner surrender
  • Shelter link here
  • PetHarbor link here

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