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After 40,000 murders, Obama calls for action against ISIL Jihadis

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Yesterday, Barack Obama stepped up to the microphone in the White House Press Room to announce that the United States now has a moral obligation to respond to ISIL Jihadis rampaging through Iraq. Following eighteen months of the Jihadi army, ISIL, raiding into Iraq, capturing cities, murdering Iraqi soldiers and Christians by the tens of thousands, the president said Iraq is desperate for aid. Just one month ago, Obama said the United States has no reason to get involved in the internal affairs of Iraq and is not obligated to respond to every crisis in the world.

Obama calls for humanitarian aid and possible bombings of ISIL

A pair of F-18 Hornets bombed an ISIL artillery piece this morning that was shelling Kurdish defenses. ISIL has captured a great deal of the America military equipment given to the Iraqi army, but that army, trained by the U.S. disintegrated rather than confront the Jihadis. Soldiers who were captured were executed in mass graves.

In addition to the bombing, Obama sent humanitarian aid to the regions where hundreds of thousands of Christians and others have fled to escape the depredations of the Jihadis who are murdering, raping, and robbing all non-Moslems they find. They posted a video on the internet of an Iraqi Christian man they captured, forced to recite the Moslem Creed, and then brutally beheaded. Many such images are on the internet displaying the dedication to Allah of these men who call themselves Holy Warriors.

Denying that the White House will get America into another war in the Middle East, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that there will be no overt military involvement in Iraq. Obama withdrew all U.S. forces following the nine years of war in Iraq fighting Jihadis leaving a power vacuum that was quickly filled by the ISIL army invading six months later. White House spokesmen said Obama is consulting with other countries how to handle the situation as ISIL moves against the Kurds, Lebanon, and further into Iraq.

Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq