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After 17 months, microchip reunites Pennsylvania foster dog with Kentucky owner

Cindy, finally reunited with Sassy
Cindy, finally reunited with Sassy
Keith Hodan | Tribune-Review

Microchips have proven over and over to be a useful tool in reuniting families with their lost or stolen pets. Something the size of a grain of rice holds all the info to bring them safely home.

April Smith and Hope Wilson from Brentwood, PA, were fostering a beagle named Jenny and decided her cough required a vet visit.

After telling the vet that Jenny was rescued from a Kentucky kill shelter by Forever Home Beagle Rescue in Pittsburgh, Smith was shocked when he checked for a microchip.

That was when she found out Jenny was in fact microchipped, and her name was actually Sassy.

"I'm not thinking that she's microchipped because otherwise I would think she would have been found by her owner by now and wouldn't have ever been in the shelter." ~April Smith.

As soon as they called the dog by her rightful name, Sassy turned her head. When they asked “Are you Sassy?” she wagged her tail.

Sassy’s owner, Cindy Romans, was immediately contacted in Louisville, Kentucky. She explained that while on vacation in October 2012, Sassy was let outside by a family member and was never seen again. Until now. Watch WTAE news video here.

So 17 months ago, Sassy started her journey in Kentucky and ended up 400 miles away in Pennsylvania, and now she'll be back home with her very grateful owner. Watch her reunion video here.

"I would love for every pet owner who has ever lost a pet to be able to feel this moment right now. I'm just over the moon excited.” ~Cindy Romans

Microchip your pets, keep your information updated, and never give up on seeing them again. They could be anywhere, and a microchip can bring them home, even years later. It’s equally important that any animal entering a shelter be scanned, sometimes more than once, to be certain.

However, you should never rely solely on a microchip to find your pet. You must also make every effort to help search and find your beloved pet.

But it worked for Sassy. Welcome home!


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