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After 10, there is a dogleg

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“After 10” refers to other than time. After the 10th hole at Chick Evans Golf Course, the 11th hole has a right dogleg. The 11th hole is par four. (Chick Evans Golf Course is at 6145 N. Golf Road in Morton Grove, Ill.)

From the rear, Blue teeing ground, the average distance to the putting green is 348 yards. Three hundred thirty-six yards is the average distance from the middle, White teeing ground. Three hundred twenty-fours yards is the average distance from the front, Red teeing ground. This hole has a #5, course hole handicap.

Trees are on the right and left sides of the teeing grounds. At least 30 feet separates the teeing grounds from the trees. A cart path goes along the teeing grounds’, right side, and then crosses in front of them. The cart path is approximately six feet to 10 feet wide.

From the teeing grounds, golfers can see this fairway’s, slight right dogleg. This dogleg begins approximately 150-175 yards from the rear, Blue teeing ground. Since the dogleg is slight, strong drives right-of-center can land golf balls in the fairway 200-230 yards from the rear, Blue teeing ground.

Golfers who knock their balls too far right will land them in very tall, rough grass and weeds. It is impossible to hit out of this area. In fact, golfers may be unable to find their balls.

After the dogleg, trees line the fairway’s right side, but at least 10 yards separate the fairway’s, right edge from these trees. This fairway’s width decreases from wide to narrow as it nears the putting green. No sand bunkers or water hazards are on this hole.

The putting green’s elevation is higher than the fairway’s elevation. This green is small. It has an oval shape. Golfers who are putting on this green will usually hear Golf Road traffic that is less than 50 yards away.