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African story time with Griot Baba Jamal Koram


This week, at Deer Park Elementary School, griot Baba Jamal dazzled the children with stories, drums, & rhythms from Africa. They loved it, were attentive, & excited to participate in a different style of learning.

Baba Jamal, as stated in his website bio, "serves as a consultant, counselor, educator and friend for countless youth and for many schools, youth programs which have included Boys and Girls Clubs, TRIO Programs, and the African Heritage Education/Sankofa Drumming Camps for Boys."  He combines the rhythm, history, & culture of various African cultures & countries to captivate the minds of the young people to whom he speaks. In a sense, he is a modern-day messenger, spreading his news via oral transmission.

Mr. Koram's pedigree includes earning his formal B.A., M.S., and Ed.S. degrees. He is also conducts Residency programs and Workshops for Community Organizations, School Districts, Museums & various other organizations, libraries, & creative programs. He is available for storytelling performances for youth, young adults, & adults. Mr. Jamal Koram is married and is the father of six children. Born in Greenburgh, NY, Baba Jamal credits his interest in African/American studies to John Harmon of White Plains, NY.

Kudos to the Deer Park Elementary staff & faculty for including not only this dynamic griot to their curriculum, but adding a creative style of learning, that was both fun, captivating, & uplifting for the kids. I was invited by "spunky" and I enjoyed it tremendously.

For more information or to book Baba Jamal Koram for any of your activities, visit his website at or contact him at or by calling 703-684-8587. If you have an event you would like promoted or need event services, contact me via this page or at