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African safari tour operator expands guided tour schedule and gift registry

Zighe Mwachofi shared African Safari photos of this elephant herd.
Zighe Mwachofi shared African Safari photos of this elephant herd.
Photo provided by To Africa Tours

Zighe Mwachofi, a Kenya-born,US -based business owner, makes her money as the owner of To Africa Tours and Safari ,a boutique travel agency specializing in travel to Eastern and Southern Africa Safari destinations. To do this Zighe uses her knowledge and expertise as a 25+ year travel industry veteran to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for her clients.

The interest and demand for African Safari vacations has lead to Zighe to expanding her tour offerings include a number of Guided Tours including Kenya Adventure Safaris, Kenya Migration Safari, and Tanzania Classic Safari.

" People love being part of a guided tour where all of the details have been planned by an expert who is joining them throughout their experience. It makes people feel more comfortable. When your travel itinerary has been set by someone who knows where to go, what to do, and how to make the most of your time and the best value for your money, you are improving the odds of having a great vacation." I can't wait to escort these groups to Kenya . For me it is a chance not only to return home, but to share what Kenya and Tanzania has to offer with my clients."

When asked a few things we should consider when trying to calculate and plan a safari vacation Zighe shared," Some of the first things I talk to my clients about include the length of the vacation they desire, the level of luxury they want to experience in Africa, the activities they want to participate in. "

One of her upcoming guided Safaris is called the Kenya Adventure Safari and it's schedule from May 14-25, 2015. "On this tour package we'll explore a few of Kenya's remarkable wildlife sanctuaries."

To provide insight into the types of activities included in these safari packages Zighe said," We'll be visiting the Chimpanzee Sanctuary established by the Jane Goodall Institute. It was opened to provide a sanctuary to orphaned chimps and the specially protected and fenced refuge of black rhino with its forty specimens.

Sweetwater's Ol Pajeta Conservancy where you'll see endangered Chimpanzees offers excellent game viewing because the camp has its own watering hole with a salt lick. This makes for an unprecedented close encounter with wildlife.

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