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African Safari Program presents cultural and historical safaris (part one)

African Safari Program presents cultural and historical safaris
African Safari Program presents cultural and historical safaris
Courtesy Widness and Wiggins

Innovative travel companies such as African Safari Company ( recognize and respond to the fact that today’s well-versed traveler often seeks deeper cultural and historical immersion along with the traditional game sightings while on safari.

“These adventures are about digging deeper into the heart and soul of Africa and learning about her people through their art, historical and modern day cultures and getting beyond the usual destinations to meet the local people,” says Julia Nesbitt, director of sales and marketing. “We are always on the lookout for rare and enriching experiences that can transform a trip into an unforgettable journey.”

Nesbitt shares three culturally focused safaris offered by African Safari Company.

South Africa Art & Wildlife Safari is a must for connoisseurs seeking exclusive access to the finest lodges and the most unforgettable art and culture experiences. The tour begins in Johannesburg and concludes in Cape Town, immersing guests in private art collections in lodgings en route. This 12-day/11-night safari is available year round from $8,880 per person, double.

A cultural exploration of Johannesburg begins with a private tour of Brenthurst Gardens on an Oppenheimer estate (think diamond mines). Guests visit Mark Valentine’s much loved African artworks shop, Amatuli Fine Art, and stroll through Rosebank's art strip, home to some of South Africa’s most famous contemporary and commercial art galleries. Nesbitt also recommends a visit to the world-renowned Apartheid Museum to help traveler’s put the day’s art into a wider historical perspective.