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African leaders to hold summit on Islamist attacks in Kenya

The Africa Union Peace and Security Council (PSC) summit, which will be held this year in President Barack Obama's ancestral home of Kenya, will host six presidents who plan to address the security threats on the African continent, especially the attacks by Somalia's al-Qaida-linked A Shabaab on Kenyan targets, according to law enforcement officials.

More and more jihadists are plaguing the African continent.
Courtesy of NewswithViews/Paul Walter

The PSC told African news organizations that the presidents from Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda confirmed their participation at the one-day summit which will be held in Nairobi, Kenya. on Tuesday.

"The objective of the meeting is to undertake an in-depth review of the situation and the ongoing AU's efforts to combat terrorism in Africa within the framework of the AU normative and operational instruments," the PSC officials said.

The meeting's participants are expected to agree enhancing the African Union's counterterrorism program and taking steps to address the threat of terrorism. The African leaders expressed deep concern over the continued threat posed by terrorism in Africa, particularly in the Horn of Africa, especially the Islamists in Somalia, Kenya and Djibouti.

The African Union has repeatedly condemned terrorist attacks, and displayed its outrage at over the kidnapping of over 200 young girls in northern Nigeria by the radical Muslim Boko Haram group earlier this year..

In addition, the presidents attending will hear from security experts who have warned that organized crime drug trafficking and kidnapping-for-ransom are adversely effecting the political, social and economic changes occurring in Africa while helping to promote and finance terrorism.

The international police organization (Interpol) last week warned of new security threats by organized criminal gangs, including Islamic terrorists, who have promoted instability in the Eastern Africa Region.

"The security meeting comes as the east African nation has faced a string of terror attacks in recent months which have culminated with the mass evacuation of tourists in the coastal city of Mombasa following twin attacks in Mpeketoni in July," claim the AU officials.

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