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African antique art dominated the Nelson Garrett's latest antique show

Photography by Clyde H. Shokes, Jr.  African art & antiques go together! Demba Saccoh's antiques.
Photography by Clyde H. Shokes, Jr. African art & antiques go together! Demba Saccoh's antiques.
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

The Nelson Garrett’s last antique show on May 31 & June 1, 2014 had a large exhibit of authentic African art that is rarely seen in Charleston, SC. The African art dealer Demba Saccoh that has exhibited in the Nelson Garrett’s antique shows years ago has returned from traveling around Africa with all kinds of amazingly carved antiques. He had many masks as well as carved figures, some very large. There was a large round lattice work type table that was particularly interesting. He had a number of stools, some were brightly painted. He also had antique African beads, both large and small. Beautifully decorated fabrics were piled on the floor. The things he has are not like the things “made for the tourist trade” that most people have.

Nelson Garrett's antique show May-June 2014
Clyde H. Shokes Jr.

Jim Bass (Peddler Jim) from Savannah, GA was there and he had more jewelry than usual, as he says that that’s what antique shoppers are buying the most of these days. He has the best things at affordable prices. He always manages to find different things for each show. There were many other antique things he brought as well.

John Dowd was also there and he had a completely different group of antiques than he had last time. He also had a lot of antique, semi-antique, retro jewelry. He had several very nice framed oil paintings and a few interesting pistols. Silver serving pieces and a lot of ceramics filled his tables.

Other exhibitors included Rose Marie Oakes (books), Rochelle Conley (Walterboro), Melissa Henley and Paul Dunbar of Chestnut Galleries. All of them have exhibited with the Nelson Garrett’s shows for years and have a large following of customers who appreciate their expertise.

Unfortunately, the next Nelson Garrett’s Charleston show is not until September 20-21, 2014. All of their Charleston antique shows are being held at the Altman Athletic Center at the Citadel, downtown. They are having antique shows in Boone, NC on July 5 & 6 and in Ashville, NC on August 1-3, 2014. Donna Garrett Kidd manages the shows.

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