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Music: The Ultimate Crime and Violence Prevention Platform

As a community- based program, AAMA has partnered with ERFSC/PAAVE Inc./Urban Digital Media LLC toward reinforcing Crime and Violence Prevention Strategies - as these prepare to emerge as an Innovative - Catalytic Entrepreneurial Venture, offering unparalleled arts and media instruction in Ward 7, Washington DC.

DC musicians

The African American Music Association, Inc. (AAMA) was established to preserve, protect, promote and to foster the continued development of African American music and the legacy of those who compose, record and perform the music. The AAMA is a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) entity. It is organized exclusively for charitable, cultural and educational purposes. Its primary goal is to offer programs and activities to the community that will assure a better quality of life for persons pursuing performing arts as a career or avocation. The “total well-being” of the artist, through human and personal development is the overall goal.

The AAMA was established as a non-profit organization in 1992. It was an off-shoot of a community organization effort by a small group of persons who worked as an ad-hoc committee to sponsor and coordinate two major functions: The annual Marvin Gaye Day Celebration in the District of Columbia and the Marvin P. Gaye, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.The scholarship fund was initially set up at Cardozo High School, where Gaye, a DC native, attended before becoming a world-renowned recording artist. In later years the scholarship was made available to high school seniors throughout the DC public school system. In conjunction with producing these and other projects, the AAMA made it possible for many local performing artists to display their talents through concerts, street festivals, talent shows, and various other kinds of community-based cultural arts activities.

The AAMA produces and facilitates the following projects in the District of Columbia:

  • The Annual Marvin Gay Day Celebration – This event consists of a proclamation by the Mayor of Washington, resolution acknowledgement by the DC City Council, the awarding of an Outstanding Community Service Award, and a music concert by national and local performing artists.
  • Annual Community Heath Awareness Day – This event is an all-day activity that is in partnership with the Ft. Chaplin Park Apartments, Chartered Health Plan and Health for Life, and Planned Parenthood, to provide health screenings, wellness information, and a host fun activities for the entire family
  • Corporate Neighborhood Youth Project – Teaches young people the business of the music industry and the total well-being of life and the community in which they live.
  • “Save the Children” Music Festival – This project serves as an activity which allows performing artists of all ages to come together for the purpose of offering their talents to promote the effort of saving our children from abuse, neglect and street violence.
  • Business of the Arts Workshop – This activity brings music professionals and other professionals together to serve as panelists in an educational and informational workshop setting.

As AAMA and its partners continue its servicing in the community, we welcome all inquires about our work in your community and ours.

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