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Afraid of losing pet makes people hesitant to adopt

Dooney sleeping peacefully after being rescued outside from starving.
Dooney sleeping peacefully after being rescued outside from starving.
Jo Ann Wentzel

People may really love animals and still fear adopting a pet. One reason is that people love pets that come into their lives dearly and are afraid they won’t always have them with them. People fear the death of a pet almost as much as losing other family members.

It is a natural fear since pet’s life span is certainly not as long as ours. Some breeds of dogs can attain an age of 12 years but more often, they only live for 8-10 years. A cat can live a very long time, as much as 28 years has been reported, but most are likely to only live to age of12-19 .Each list gives different life spans, a cat was reported to hold the record being 38 years and 3 days old when it died.

There are lots of factors that play into the age a pet will reach. First, there are distinct differences between breeds of dogs. Any larger breed usually has a shorter lifespan than a small breed dog. One reason why larger pets have a shorter life span is that their heart must work a lot harder than the heart of smaller breeds.

Whether or not a pet has been spayed or neutered is a factor. Those who have had it done very young, outlive those who never were or were much done later in life.
For cats and dogs, the fact as to whether they live inside all the time or outside all the time or both inside and outside, effect the age they can reach. Outside pets are subject to many more risks than indoor pets. There are vehicles, predators, other aggressive pets and the weather to contend with and anyone of these can shorten the life of your pet.

It is hard for people to not be affected by the death of a loved pet. You get so attached to them and they become part of your family.

When a pet gets sick many people are ill equipped emotionally to cope with that problem. There is also a consideration of whether or not they can afford a lengthy treatment or a stay at the vet. The animal may require shots or other treatments at home that may make you squeamish. Caring for an ill pet may be impossible due to your job or your health. When an owner must put an animal down, they feel a sense of guilt and blame themselves for something that could not be prevented. Many folks do not want to ever go through the grief of losing a pet so they are hesitant to adopt one.

All pet lovers agree that losing a pet is terrible and can be tragic for their owners. For the most part, humans have come to terms that they themselves are mortal and have limited time on earth. We must move a step further to include pets in that statement. The best you can do is to give them all the love you can and be loyal to them. The rest is really out of your hands.

Pets need your help. There are too many for shelters to take care of and we as human beings are responsible for the condition. Adopt a pet and take care of them for as long as they have here. They will repay you with love and be a loyal companion for their whole life.

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