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Afghans Head To The Polls

Afghans Head To The Polls
Afghans Head To The Polls

Early morning rocket attacks and threats of fraud being made did not stop the Afghan people from voting. The candidates Abdullah Abdullah a former foreign minister and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai a former finance minister were pretty much going into this past weekend neck to neck in the polls. They both want the Americans to stay another two years to help train Afghan soldiers and with the chaos taking place in Iraq. Most are in agreement on this. Outgoing President Hamid Karzai has wanted all foreigners to leave ASAP. Security forces were seen at all polling places. They were doing there best to keep the peace. There were some incidents but for most voting precincts there were crowds and little or no violence.

Whoever is to be the next President the job is a daunting one Along with trying to keep the Taliban at bay they must be able to bring foreign businesses back to the Afghan region. Both candidates have said they are going to lean toward the west for economic interests.

Afghan women have been voting and it seems in large numbers. This in itself can be looked upon as a great change in policy as under the Taliban this would have never taken place. Those monitoring the elections were impressed with the turnout. For weeks groups have been threatening mass bloodshed if people went to vote. Now some 16 people have died in clashes with security forces but this is nothing like they expected.

This election couldn't have come at a better time. The Syrian government had a recent election but it has been called a farce. This could if all goes well be looked upon as a role model for other elections in the area.

Whomever should win the vote it is looked upon that the United States will be happy. Former President Karzai in the past has been leaning away from the United States and what it stands for. Some even thought that Karzai could actually have been considering a lean towards Russia. Russia has little interest in the Afghanistan country or its people.

Election results it seems won't be available until July. So for now we wait.