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Afghanistan's past portends its future

Anja Niedringhaus, journalist, shot and killed by Afghanistan police
Anja Niedringhaus, journalist, shot and killed by Afghanistan police

On the tragic news today that two journalists were shot, one to death by an Afghanistan police officer, one can only contemplate the environment in the loosely ordered place. It is tribal and sectarian. Its government is forced and lacks consensus, and is surely not citizen centered. This is as it was before the American attack and invasion. It is a failed example of nation-building in which there is no return on the high cost of lives and dollars invested there by the US government.

“2 Western Journalists Shot in Afghanistan

April 04, 2014
Afghan officials say a policeman shot two foreign female journalists Friday, killing one and wounding the other on the eve of the country's presidential election.

Authorities say the police officer was arrested following the incident inside a police compound in the eastern province of Khost.

The dead journalist was identified as 48-year old Anja Niedringhaus, an awarding winning German photographer who was working for the Associated Press. AP reporter Kathy Gannon was in stable condition after being wounded twice.

It was the third deadly attack against journalists in the past three weeks as violence has increased in the run-up to Saturday's national and local elections.

The Taliban has vowed to disrupt the upcoming vote.”

If it isn’t the Taliban, citizens must fear government entities in Afghanistan. These journalists are not the first victims in Afghanistan, of course. The source of these reports is the Voice of America.

“On March 11, British-Swedish radio journalist Nils Horner was shot dead at point-blank range on the streets of Kabul. Nine days later, gunmen shot and killed Afghan reporter for the French News agency Sardar Ahmad, as well as his wife and two of his three young children in Kabul's heavily protected Serena Hotel.

The present approach in dealing with extremely dysfunctional governments is isolation and sanctioning.

One has to wonder about isolating ourselves from our own dysfunction in a nation that is ruled by wealthy persons and corporations.

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