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Afghanistan is the new Vietnam (Part 2 of 2)


Another of the failures during the Vietnam war was the United States was for the continued support of weak and corrupt leaders. 

Some political leaders in South Vietnam were so unpopular among the people during the war, that many were willing to burn themselves alive on the streets to protest. 


 This we see in the famous film of the Buddhist Monk burning himself in front of the government to protest the Diem government.


 We see the same thing happening again in Afghanistan.  The current President of Afghanistan has become very unpopular among the Afghan people.  He has become quite unpopular among the people that he has resorted to fraud at polls during the latest election. 

 We’ve heard in the in the news over evidence of rigged elections helping the current administration.


 As more and more news come out about problems with the election, more and more Afghans are going to turn to the Taliban.  This is exactly what happened in Vietnam.  As the South Vietnam government appeared more and more corrupt, they turned to either the Viet Cong or the NVA. 

The only alternative for the United States is to support a regime that could find strong support among the Afghan people.  This can be solved by finding a political leader among the Northern Alliance, preferably a former ally of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the hero of the resistance movment against the Soviet occupation during the 1980’s.              


One of the major problems during the Vietnam War was how the Vietcong and the NVA were able to keep a sanctuary in Cambodia.  Whenever the communists’ forces were to suffer serious casualties at the hands of the United States, they were to cross into Cambodia and recover from their wounds. 

 This is one of the main reasons they were able to keep the war going for almost ten years.  During the Nixon years, the United States went into Afghanistan in an attempt to destroy it, but did little to make any significant change to the war effort.           


We see the same events being repeated in Afghanistan.  The United States continues to support the unpopular Afghan president Hamid Karzai.  He is so hated among the people that Karzai has now had to turn to rigged elections to maintain his grip on power.  This in turn leads to greater support for the once hated Taliban among the people.      


The Taliban, flushed with money and weapons, now has the ability to wage war in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The Taliban is now much more powerful than they were before 9/11.  They pose a greater danger as they now could topple the stability in Pakistan, a nuclear armed country.