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Afghanistan heads to the ballot box to select new leader

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The polling stations in war-torn Afghanistan have closed, and people are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new leader of the country.

According to Voice of America on April 5, the turnout for the country's first democratic election was high, so high in fact that some polling stations ran out of voting ballots. Security at polling stations all over the country were tight after the Taliban threatened to disrupt the vote on April 5.

Jan Kubis, the special United Nations representative who was sent to oversee the election, praised the voters for turning out ion high numbers despite threats from the Taliban. The vote on April 5 appeared to go on without violence.

The Afghan election was seen as pivotal, as the next president to lead the country will have to lead the country out of political and economic turmoil. The vote was also seen as a means to test the people's will against the Taliban, which has had a straggled hold in the country for decades.

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