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Afghanistan 8 Years Later

Afghanistan 8 Years Later
Afghanistan 8 Years Later

Opening in movie theaters yesterday was a movie about Seal Team 10 and their ill fated mission. This mission took place back in 2005 and this is the story of sole survivor Marcus Luttrell. The movie is called 'Lone Survivor'. The team was dropped off to assassinate a local leader who was thought to be in charge of many men and needed to be taken out. The mission failed and the other three members of the team Michael Murphy, Danny Dietz, and Matt Axelson would sacrifice their lives in service of their country.

Here's the problem, these men died fighting in one of the cess pools of the world. Afghanistan as a whole is nothing but mountains and rugged terrain. It's major crop is heroin. It is one of the leading suppliers of poppy which is later manufactured into heroin. Thirty years ago Russia found itself fighting in this area and eventually would pull out when it realized that they could not win. So why for some ten plus years are we still fighting and losing men and women in this country.

President Obama has stated that we will be withdrawing troops this year or maybe next year. Why can't our government wake up and realize that the money that has been spent in this fiasco could be better spent at home. We have bombarded the mountain regions with Bunker Busting Bombs and we are still fighting the Taliban. Don't get me wrong the Taliban need to be exterminated. Their ideas and beliefs are antiquated and outdated. Women and children have the right to be educated. When a group of people try to incorporate the belief that they are fighting for Allah this usually means they are only fighting for themselves.

The Muslim belief that they are fighting for Allah is nothing more than bullshit. The only thing that matters in this country of Afghanistan is whether the poppy crop is good for the season. Who ever controls the poppy controls the country.

The movie 'Lone Survivor' is a must see for many reasons even if just to show that in 8 years we have accomplished little. We as citizens must stand up and finally say enough is enough. Either we go in and blow these people to kingdom come or we realize that they will beat us every time on the ground. We have very few victories in this war and as Russia realized that this was their Vietnam all we have accomplished is allowing the world to continue to get high on heroin. It is time that we as Americans stand up and say Mr. President bring our men and women home now and let the people of Afghanistan settle this themselves. So take the time and go see the movie 'Lone Survivor' and see what a fiasco this mission truly was.