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Afghan war postponed while Obama goes on Fox hunt

American flag burned in Kabul
American flag burned in Kabul
AP Photo/Nishanuddin Khan

           Not since the Nixon administration has the White house chosen an all out war against the first amendment of the US Constitution…the freedom of speech. It appears that president Obama can't take the heat, so he is instigating a malicious attack against Fox News organization and their exercising of their constitutional right to free speech. Barack Obama has organized clandestine meetings with the liberal media presumably in order to stage a planned attack on the viewership of the very popular news station "Fox Network News".
             This begs the question "Is America ready for this type of censorship and attack on the freedom of speech?" Will Americans stand by silently while the current socialist administration tries to censor and censure their critics? They have tried in the past to push forth the "Fairness Doctrine" in an attempt to suppress the intensely popular programs on Fox news, and talk radio. The mere fact that these programs are so popular is a testament to their importance and the fact that the vast majority of the American public find them newsworthy. The current administration stands on very shaky ground as grassroots organizations plan tea parties across the nation in protest to the overwhelming changes being implemented by the current socialistic regime in charge of the White House.
        This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time the Liberal media's action or inaction will forever change the course of American history. The liberal media, and all media in general needs to come to the defense of Fox News Network in order to protect their first amendment right of free speech and send a clear message to the president that we the people will not stand for this type of organized censorship. This type of action by the Obama administration will fail because Americans unlike the citizens of Cuba and Venezuela are not likely to stand for a dictator as their president.
There are many covert ways that the Obama socialist government can attack their dissenters. They can try to pass laws to impact their business. They can find legal means to attempt to disrupt their viewership through propaganda (such as stating that they are no longer a legitimate news source). They can harass the company's employees through tax audits and the like. The mere fact that the Obama administration has already had closed meetings with the liberal media should scare the hell out of all Americans both Democrats, Republicans, and Liberals alike. The only thing that we can do is to protest this action, and make sure that everyone understands the danger of political censorship so that we do not become a country like Cuba, China, or Venezuela. Our constitution is under attack and our nation's future lies in the balance.

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AP Photo/Nishanuddin Khan



  • Glenn 5 years ago

    Interesting perspective. Actually, we had an 8-year presidency just like Venezuela and Cuba: remember the smirking chimp? The walking highlight reel?! Or his evil orcs Karl Rove and Dick Cheney? Last time I checked, when Joe Wilson expressed his right to free speech, his wife was outed at the CIA by the administration; and the administration regularly was in conflict with all media that wasn't Fox news. Maybe Rush Limbaugh should by Fox News; he and Sarah Palin can host a show called Blubber & The Flubber & say whatever they want...with impunity

  • Reply to Glenn 5 years ago

    The past eight years has never seen the planned exclusion of a media group(#1 by the way)from press conferences. Even the liberal news organizations aren't OK with this. I guess you are even further left than them. Perhaps China or Russia would be a more suitable.

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