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Affordable sushi at Sushi Box

Sushi Box is truly a gem in Madison, WI. It's not written up in most restaurant guides. Its small and unassuming appearance might cause you to miss it as you drive along University. Once inside, you see that there are only six tables and some stool seats along two walls. You sense right away this is a "fast food" type of place, and not where people hang out for a long time.

Service is fast and friendly. You order your choices, and your food gets delivered to your table. The lady who takes your order also delivers the food and cleans the tables.

At lunch time, it's not hard to be tempted by the lunch specials which run just under $10. They offer four kinds of Dons (rice in a bowl topped with meat) and a Japanese veggie pancake with noodles.

Sushi lovers know that going out for sushi means forking over a lot of money. At Sushi Box, you can get traditional nori maki for between $3 to $6. Te makis are $4.75. Bigger, fancier rolls are going to cost more, of course. I personally prefer the simpler, traditional sushis.a

Fancy noodles? They also offer udon and ramen. The pork ramen has such a rich broth that you will want to drink every single drop of the broth. Yaki style noodles and cold noodles are also available.

The relatively cheap prices aside, the food is delicious, and the space comfortable and clean. I would go back when I have a craving for Japanese food.

Sushi Box

2433 University Ave. Madison, WI 53726

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