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Affordable summer festivals: Louisville, Kentucky

Outdoor Art Festival
Outdoor Art Festival

Well, it’s that time. This year, all of us are going to have to come up with some creative ideas for summer travel. The economy is still in a slump, but the kids are out of school, they’ve worked hard all year and, hopefully have gotten passing grades! They really deserve a break. One of the most painless ways for folks to take the kids along on vacation is to take a car trip. You can stop along the way, they can sleep in the back seat, play video games, and listen to music with ear-phones on. They can eat snacks and drink beverages in the car and even take Fido along. Most dogs love to travel with the family. And, it’s a lot cheaper than air flight

There are many cities in the US that make good central locations for a week-end or week-long getaway and Louisville, Kentucky is one of them. The choices in accommodations are better than ever. You can spend the day in a nearby state park offering a beautiful woodland setting, or on a farm, or spelunking at Mammoth Cave. All are great places for kids. Worn out from sight-seeing but happy, you can return to your central location in Louisville and relax in one of Louisville’s beautiful hotels or bed and breakfasts.

Bed and Breakfasts are ideal for combining what a city has to offer with the surrounding area. You can situate yourself in a beautiful Inn for a week and take day trips to small villages, farms, lake, beaches or whatever you like. A city like Louisville, in Kentucky, is perfect. It has all of the above, plus outstanding restaurants, museums, theater and many attractions. There are a whole host of events and festivals going on all summer, from the Shakespeare Festivals in Old Louisville’s Central Park to My Old Kentucky home pageants to the Kentucky State Fair.

Another advantage to staying in Louisville is that it is very accessible from many other states; such as Illinois Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa and Arkansas, etc. The interstate highway system is amazing and leads right into downtown Louisville.

Kentucky is definitely big on outdoor festivals. From wine to Bourbon to music and theater, there is sure to be a festival you can enjoy. Some of my favorites are: the Shakespeare Festival in Old Louisville’s Central Park, or The Cresent Hill Art and Music Festival, Louisville, June 30-July 1, or The Dog Days of summer in Rabbit Hatch, not far from Louisville. And don’t forget the wonderful annual Blue Grass Festival in Henderson, August 9-11 and the Kentucky State Fair, August 16-26.


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