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Affordable small space solutions around the home with IKEA

(Small Space Storage Solutions)
(Small Space Storage Solutions)

If there is one thing people with small spaces don't enjoy - it's paying too much money on things that won't fit. Living in cramped quarters can take a ton of patience and creativity, but can also yield a pleasant home. It's kinda like discovering little crannies of space you never knew were possible.

IKEA is an international home furnishing company known for affordable, modern pieces. They also happen to have some pretty nifty small space storage accessories. So if you have been stressing about finding extra space in your home, here are some small space ideas and products to help you out. Wanna see more? Visit

Budget-Friendly Small Space Storage Ideas

  1. KUPOL Pull-Out Storage Unit, 2 pack ($6.99)
  2. SKUBB Shoe Box, 4 pack ($9.99)
  3. PRESSA Hanging Dryer with 16 Clothes Clips ($4.99)
  4. KVARNVIK Box, Set of 3 ($19.99)
  5. GRUNDTAL Dish Drainer ($24.99)
  6. SPONTAN Magnetic Board ($12.99)