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Affordable Healthcare Insurance A Past Thing

HealthCare Spending A Heavy Burden
HealthCare Spending A Heavy Burden
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  • Jim P. 6 years ago

    My healthcare insurance costs me over $1000 monthly to insure my family, that's more than my mortgage!

  • Jim B 6 years ago

     I've often wondered why people focus so much on high health care premiums, but nobody addresses the high cost of designer clothes, multiple cell phones for everyone in the family, big-screen TVs, luxury automobiles, resort-style vacations, mortgage for homes in gated communities, or eating dinner out almost every day.  Our Constitution does not guarantee us to have ANY of these things...including any form of health care coverage. If people can set aside their hard-earned money for these luxuries, why are they complaining about spending their money on health insurance premiums?  Shouldn't budgeting for our own health care coverage be our FIRST priority?  Setting aside a "nest egg" for a possible catastrophic illness would make more sense than saving for that speedboat or vacation at Disney World. But we all know that Americans like to spoil themselves.  For some reason many think that we can just do as we please with our money and if a sudden health crisis erupts, our government should

  • Jim B Continued 6 years ago

    be the one to bear the cost.  WHY is that?  Since the days of our founding fathers, Americans have had to deal with health issues.  One way or another they managed.  Even with all the new technologies we have to treat and prevent health problems, some are convinced that they shouldn't be the one responsible for their own health insurance coverage.  I would rather use my money to pay for MY health care than to have the government take money from me to pay for somebody else's health care. I think it's time for us to quit looking to our government (which has a very poor track record of being fiscally responsible) for answers and start taking on the responsibility of better managing our own expenditures.  We always want to point the finger at someone else when, in reality, it boils down to OUR OWN lack of planning and forethought. 

  • Pam B 6 years ago

    Jim B. a healthcare savings account does allow one to put aside money for such events using tax free dollars. But comparing healthcare cost to that of a Disney vacation is like comparing night and day. The cost of a vacation cannot be compared to (for example) a serious car accident that could easily top $100,000. Finally you wrote: "I would rather use my money to pay for MY health care than to have the government take money from me to pay for somebody else's health care" Jim you are already paying for other people's healthcare if you have insurance, it's called risk management. Thanks for writing!

  • Jim B 6 years ago

    You're welcome Pam B.!  My comment addressed the fact that EVERYTHING has become far too expensive. It seems that you forgot the whole purpose of your article: "it's very obvious that healthcare has become far too expensive."  I offered comparisons between budgeting for health care insurance to spending money on frivolous and luxury items, and which should be the priority.  Besides, your example of one having a serious car accident, resulting in injuries, is NOT something covered under normal health care coverage, it would be covered under AUTO insurance coverage...which almost every state mandates.  Moot point there.  As for "risk management"...that is present in EVERY business environment.  If our government takes over our health care system, the risk to us will be whether THEY deem treating us as a worthy risk or not.  I'd rather have a doctor make that assessment. 

  • Jeff 6 years ago

    Health care is not a luxury. It is a necessity. It should not be treated as a commodity to be bought and sold like cars, TVs, and vacations. A highly advanced, industrialized country like ours should not allow people to die from curable diseases just because they don’t have the money to pay for their medical costs.

    Health care costs have gone way up a as percentage of total income. 50 years ago, health care costs were on average, about 5 percent of the average American’s total expenses. Now it's close to 20 percent.

    After people pay insurance premiums for years and then get seriously ill or have major medical expenses, insurance companies often decide not to pay. And people die.

    Government run health insurance like Medicare don’t deny payment and are ten times more efficient than private insurance and have a 94% patient satisfaction rate.

  • Jim B 6 years ago

    Kinda getting off topic there Jeffy. The writer of the article (I think you know her) wanted to know about, "those who have healthcare insurance, but cannot afford to use it." Yes, in this day and age, health care coverage IS a necessity, but I was trying to make the point that many people don't treat it as such. They'd rather have luxury items than budget for the "necessities". Over 85% of Americans are satisfied with their health insurance providers. So we should change EVERYTHING because our government thinks that 15% of Americans should be forced to have coverage? Of those 15%, more than half simply don't want insurance regardless of the cost (affordable or not). So we should force people to participate just because the government dictates it? (It's for their own good.) Sounds like the beginnings of a Totalitarianism Society if you ask me.

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