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Affordable health care, how is that working out for you?

First we had the phony government shutdown, in which the federal government spent more money on armed thugs to keep people out of parks and monuments, than it would have cost to keep them open. Then we had the disastrous failure of the Obamacare web site. What's next? How about millions of people losing the health insurance coverage that they already have?

How is that working out for you? If you qualify for free coverage under the Affordable Care Act, then you already qualified for Medicaid or Medicare, before this behemoth of a law, over two thousand pages long, was ever written, let alone passed.

If you already have health insurance, then you are being hit with premiums between five and ten times as much as you were paying last month, along with deductibles and co-payments that are much higher, coverage for things that you do not want or need,and lack of coverage for things that you do want.

For example, I am nearly 60 years old, yet I am required to have coverage for pregnancy care, birth control and abortion! Give me a break!

On top of that, the system does not work.

According to the Washington Times, Critics noted that the Affordable Care Act is forcing insurers to drop many of their plans that don’t meet the law’s 10 minimum standards, including maternity care, emergency visits and mental health treatment.

("As Americans lose coverage", Dave Boyer)

And the buck is being passed around for the crashing of the web site, each software company blaming one or more of the others, and all claiming that it was rushed too fast and too soon, without proper testing. "President Obama's top health official [Kathleen Sebelius] admitted to Congress on Wednesday that Obamacare's main websire faces a litany of problems" ("Sebelius on Obamnacare", Tom Howell Jr., Washington Times)

Sebelius goes on to say that Congress should hold her accountable for the failure of the web site, but not so accountable that she ought to be demoted or fired.

The problem is more than a web site. The problem is bigger than the Affordable Care Act. The problem is big government making decisions that are the right of each individual. The federal government has usurped the powers of the state and local jurisdictions, and they must be stopped. The only proper role of the federal government is to negotiate disputes among the states, and to protect us from foreign enemies. Everything else is tyranny pure and simple.

The time is now. If not now, then wen If not you, then who? Stand up, speak out and make a change. Vote out all the crooks in Washington, D.C., and vote in people who have not been bought by the huge foreign corporations. They are owned by the insurance companies that take your money and then deny you coverage when you need it. Vote them out, and refuse to pay the extortion that the insurance corporations demand.

This is nothing more or less than another bail-out, paid for on the backs of working people, and we must put a stop to it.


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