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Affordable hair care for summer fresh locks

Try Finesse 48 Hour Clean Shampoo and Conditioner for summer fresh locks.
Finesse Hair Care

Skipping a day of shampooing is not that appealing for folks that enjoy a fresh-washed feel, especially in the hot and humid summer months. But, with the very affordable new hair care from Finesse that clean feeling lasts for two days.

Warm, humid air enhances the aromas and the odors that surround us, which linger in our hair, such as a day at the beach or walking the streets of the city. To maintain healthy hair it is optimal to not wash every day. However, with the sometimes-unattractive smells that could attach to the locks, missing a shampoo is not appealing to the senses.

Remember as a child or teen the great smelling Finesse shampoo? Well, it is still around and more affordable than ever, and with the new Finesse 48 Hour Clean you can miss a day of shampooing and keep that fresh-washed feel from the first day. Product packaging claims Finesse 48 Hour Clean is an “advanced formula that has a unique citrus complex, which blocks unwanted odors and leaves you feeling fresh and clean for up to two days.”

With Finesse 48 Hour Clean a weekend at the shore simplifies the overnight beach bag with one less item to pack, no additional shampoo and conditioner or dry shampoo needed. Delicious smelling hair remains without a surplus of hair care.

As a professional hairstylist it is an extremely rare occasion where a non-professional hair care product is recommended. However, the positive childhood memories of Finesse shampoo carried on, which inspired a trial. As one with chemical and color treated hair, the Long Island Hair Care Examiner could not risk to sample the product, but her family did, and the claim rang true, fresh-scented hair for 48 hours.

The very affordable hair care for fresh summer locks, Finesse 48 Hour Clean, is available locally on Long Island at Shop Rite and Walmart or at And remember to protect the hair and scalp when enjoying the summer sun.

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