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Affordable, fine wine selection at Rite Aid's Keg Liquors

Check out your neighborhood Rite Aid Liquor store for a good selection of wine.
Check out your neighborhood Rite Aid Liquor store for a good selection of wine.
Tracey Bedford

Keg Liquors has a somewhat misleading store name. And the size of this store, 10,000 square feet, is not clear from the street. Inventory is crammed into the space. And most of it is wine.

The good prices and wide selection draw customers from close and far. Commuters stop here on their way to or from work. For the wines lining the shelves are not selected by a corporate Rite Aid wine buyer. Instead Russ Hamm, the Store Manager, reviews wine ratings in wine periodicals Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator, and The Wine Advocate, for ideas and tries to respond to the tastes of his customers. He then trolls the local suppliers for availability and pricing options. Yes, Hamm takes advantage of the fact that he works for a large corporation. He will use this leverage to assist in negotiation on price, if he sees a particular wine he feels his customers would enjoy.

Every Thursday, Keg Liquors runs an advertisement listing specials in the Denver Post. If you select a case of wines that are not on sale, management offers a 10% discount. If you find a sale on your favorite wine across town, you can bring in the advertisement and Keg Liquors will match their price.

Keg Liquors will soon have a website, coming in March or April at The site will post weekly specials. Customers will be able to sign up for updates on their favorites, say Whiskey or Italian wines. In cooperation with Sunflower Market next door, Hamm plans to offer wine and cheese tastings this summer. Watch for these in Sunflower Market’s monthly activity calendar, weekly circular and Keg Liquor’s Thursday advertisement in the Denver Post .

The staff is helpful and often able to answer your wine questions. They may not be aficionados with in-depth knowledge about the varietals used in Bordeaux or Valpolicella, for example, but the staff does get wine training over time. The longer an employee is there, the more they can help.

If you are an aficionado, there may be great deals at Keg Liquors. If you have an area where you avidly collect wines, Keg Liquors deserves a peak.

I asked Hamm for suggestions on wines that knocked his socks off - preferably one red and white - priced around $15 or less. His suggestions:

Root:1 - Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile 750ml $12.99

Carmel Road – Chardonnay, California 750ml $17

Check it out and tell them you heard about them through

Keg Liquors Inc.
2860 South Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222-6618
Phone: (303) 757-2365 connects to pharmacy. Use automated selection #5 to reach liquor store.


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