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Affordable chic in Chicago: #1 H&M 'The budget fashion power house'

H&M Chicago
H&M Chicago
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H&M is a wonderful place to shop, especially for the basics. At H&M, it's very important to examine each piece before buying. The way that they can afford to charge a lower price for their goods is by making smart detailed choices in cost cutting. Some of these choices benefit the consumer others do not. In order to really get a bargain, there are some things to keep in mind while shopping here:

1. Fabric Quality Varies
At times the quality of their fabrics are great while other times, not so much. Their cotton shirts and tanks are made from a lower quality cotton that will shrink and stretch out of shape with continued wear. Their cotton also feel a bit stiff during wear, which can feel restricting during the day. Some of their coats are made from a felted wool that can prove scratchy, even if lined. On the other hand, the faux leather they use for their handbags is high quality and will stand up to harsh use without a tear or a seam splitting. The wool they use for their suiting is also of a high quality and will last years without any sign of wear.

2. The Cut is Fitted
The cut of H&M's clothing is great for curvy women because everything from their suits and coats to their dresses are fitted. They put princess line seams into many of their garments allowing for the fabric to give around the bust and hips, without losing definition in the waist. Remember curvy girls, princess lines are your best friend!

3. Shorter Length
One problem that may arise while shopping at H&M, is the length of their shirts and blazers. Their shirts tend to run quite short in the length, this is either to save money or that their target market are shorter women, but it does pose a problem. If you are 5'6"+ or have a short waist (in which your shirts need to lie lower on your hip, as to lengthen your torso), I would not recommend buying shirts here.

OK budget fashionistas! Take this information and find some great wardrobe staples at H&M. Good luck!

Chicago locations:

  • 22 North State Street, Chicago, IL‎
  • 840 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL‎ (larger of the two stores)


  • Emily Bautista 5 years ago

    Like this kind of article. Would like to see more of this! Tips and tricks of shopping!

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