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Affordable care idea is great; implementation is a disaster

How many persons did President Obama tell Americans were without insurance and needed the Affordable Care Law to correct that deficiency? If you are like most Americans, the first number that your heard was 50 million. If you kept listening, the second number that you heard was 37 million. A swing of 13 million persons a significant swing in estimation.

He makes me angry because so much depends on his performance -

Now, what did Americans expect with the passage of the ACA and Obamacare implementation. It would be reasonable to expect that a successful program would result in coverage for a majority of those uninsured, right? Let’s say that you only expected 80% success. That would translate to 29.6 million on the low end and 40 million on the high end.

What are the results today? The answer is approximately 6 million. Six million is less than half of the error in estimating the number of uninsured. It is a gross underperformance in what is expected from the law.

Now, as an advocate for the law, I realize that there are many benefits being realized by both participants and in the emergency rooms where hospitals have noticed a decline in patients that were there without coverage anywhere else. The law is a good idea, but the implementation is very poor. Secretary Sebelius should have been fired, however, at this stage of the Obama administration, who wants to jump on board the lame duck ship of state?

No matter which party that you have affiliation, government that fails to deliver is a poor performer, and that goes for Congress also. reports that they are cooking the books. No matter how they cook it, the portions come up too little and too late. Remember in November.

“Debate over ObamaCare far from over as signup deadline nears

Published March 30, 2014

The deadline to sign up for ObamaCare is Monday, but the roiling, years-long debate about enrollment numbers and practically every other aspect of President Obama’s signature health care law appears far from over in this politically-charged election year.

The White House said Thursday that more than 6 million Americans have signed up for private insurance plans since October 1 through the federal and state ObamaCare exchanges -- a major accomplishment toward the White House’s goal of 7 million enrollees by March 31, considering the disastrous start.

On Sunday, ObamaCare supporters were on television championing the law’s recent successes, particularly the late-enrollment surges, including 1.2 million visitors Saturday to the federal site.
“The law's working,” said White House senior adviser David Plouffe. “This was a seminal achievement.”

But as Plouffe told ABC’s “This Week” the number was really closer to 10 million when including Medicaid and children's health-care signups as well as Americans who went directly to private insurance companies, Republicans continued to question those numbers and why others have not been made public.

“They are cooking the books on this,” Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming, told “Fox News Sunday.”

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