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Affordable Care Act looking costly to Alabamians

Enough is enough
Enough is enough
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Many Americans who have a desire to work in order to support their families are seeing their hours cut. They are seeing their health insurance plans changed, premiums skyrocket, and medical costs rise. For the already heavily overburdened middle class in Alabama this is salt in an open wound.

The not quite so Affordable Care Act in typical liberal fashion creates disincentives to work. Those who work get less freebies and handouts. Far too many are buying the Snake Oil in Chiefs lies (Cloward-Piven Strategy) hook, line, and sinker. Countless numbers of takers added to the government trough.

If something isn't broken our President's answer is to keep fixing it til it is. He is not nor ever has been a part of the solution. He is a part of the problem that ails our once great nation. There is no problem too great that can't be solved by throwing freshly printed funny money at. He'll just pick our pockets to cover the costs.

The American economy is ablaze and Emperor Obama is busy fiddling away. When he's not on the golf course does he grab a fire extinguisher; no he throws gas on the fire. We need leadership to steer the ship of state away from the rocks. Alabamians are gonna suffer due to the outright lack of leadership from both party's in Washington. Both sides have capitulated, aided, and abetted the socialization of our Republic.

If you haven't already signed the petition to Governor Bentley against Obamacare do so today.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stats for Alabama:

  • 642,738 uninsured in Alabama. 16%
  • 441,701 of these have a full time worker in the family.

We have already seen two dozen widows of Madison County, Alabama employees lose their health insurance in January. The disastrous Obamacare scheme would have costs the cash strapped county an extra $25 million a year to insure them. Ron Jones owner of Pofolks Restaurants last year chose to cut hours, full time workers, and may eventually close up shop due to the President's efforts to force Socialized medicine down our throats.

The entire Obamacare fiasco has been filled with lies, half-truths, and bad news for American citizens. Obama's snake oil salesmanship has steered us dowen a slippery slope towards the rocks of financial ruin.

We are seeing policies cancelled, prices soar, patients dying, and doctors leaving. The medical utopia promised by His Excellency the political shyster turn out to be a Socialist nightmare. Alabamians already scraping by will pay the price in the end.

John Hill, PH.D, Senior Analyst for the Alabama Policy Institute detailed the grim outlook for Alabama from Obamacare:

  • He reports that growth will slow in income and total payed hours. This grim prediction will not bring relief to already overburdened Alabamians financial well-being.
  • Total number of paid hours will drop by 1.5% - 2.0% between 2017 and 2045 (about 155 - 207 million hours lost). The estimated number of available jobs are expected to decrease by 22,700 from 2.02 million - 2 million (at a loss of 1.5% in hours) or by 30,300 - 1.99 million (at 2% loss in hours).
  • The Congressional Budget Office estimates the loss of income to be 1% by 2024. Between 2017 and 2022, Alabamians will see a $2 billion loss in income. These losses will be the greatest in the areas of Office and Administrative Support, Healthcare, and Management.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth in jobs nationwide from 145.4 million to 161 million between 2012 and 2022. If the number of paid hours worked increase similarly, Alabamians will be working 4 billion hours per year in 2022.
  • The CBO estimates a 1% loss in workforce total income due to Obamacare. Alabama stands to lose $100 million worth of jobs in 2017 and increase to $600 million by 2022. A whopping $2.06 billion worth of income gone in a 6 year period. That is the hope and change Obama supporters voted for.

The estimated job losses are in the fields of:

  • Management 190,340,580
  • Business/Financial 124,900,593
  • Computer/Mathematical 82,619,595
  • Architecture/Engineering 87,509,473
  • Life/Physical and Social Science 15,127,310
  • Community/Social Services 20,658,072
  • Legal 24,720,981
  • Education/Library/Training 136,439,179
  • Arts/Design/Entertainment/Sports/Media 18,877,418
  • Healthcare Practitioners/Techs 227,887,418
  • Healthcare Support 39,555,107
  • Protective Services 42,081,170
  • Food Prep/Serving 80,078,149
  • Building/Grounds Maintenance 34,484,450
  • Personal Care/Service 28,169,511
  • Sales/Related 186,351,599
  • Office/Administrative Support 245,140,181
  • Farming/Fishing/Forestry 4,302,149
  • Construction/Extraction 84,664,424
  • Installation/Maintenance/Repair 105,971,101
  • Production 163,711,820
  • Transportation/Material Moving 117,822,865

These figures come from reduction in hours worked to the point that it is the equivalent of losing 22,700 - 30,300 jobs from 2017 - 2022. The average Alabamian is feeling the pinch of the Obamanization of America. Prepare yourselves to feel the pinch even harder. Hopefully our leaders will grow a spine and rein in the Emperor.

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