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Affordable Care Act hits milestone with enrollees

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, March 18 that 5 million Americans have signed up for Affordable Care Act, and with just 13 days left until the March 31 deadline to enroll, the estimate of 6 millions members is within reach.

President Obama discusses the merits of the Affordable Care Act
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The 6 million figure comes from the Congressional Budget Office, and only includes those who have signed up for health insurance on the exchange. Those numbers do not include the millions who have received coverage through the Medicaid expansion programs in their states.

But while it is evident that the Affordable Care Act is helping millions of Americans in need, Republicans have spent millions of dollars blasting the airwaves telling anyone who will listen of those whose lives have allegedly been devastated by the Affordable Care Act, or ‘Obamacare’. Nearly every one of those stories turns out to be a fantasy woven by the law’s opponents to scare Americans away from enrolling. One example is he case of a cancer-stricken patient who would in fact save money with the ACA.

Another example of a well-spun story, this time by Fox News features Larry Basich, a 62-year-old Las Vegas resident who selected a United Healthcare plan in November owes $400,000 because of a heart attack he suffered while waiting for his coverage to begin. United Healthcare, along with his employer, Xerox botched his enrollment and while the story is an appalling one, it is not the fault of President Obama, or the Affordable Care Act.

March 31 is the deadline to sign up, and after that you won't be able to sign up for a private plan until the next open enrollment period scheduled for November. Lower-income Americans may still qualify year-round for Medicaid programs.

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