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'Affluenza' defense continues to spark more outrage

National outrage has continued over the last few weeks, following the verdict in the now-infamous "affluenza" case in Texas.

As many people are now aware, the verdict was handed down following the case of a young Texas teenager, who was sentenced to probation, despite having killed four people when he lost control of his speeding vehicle while drunk.

The teenager, who was from a wealthy family, was given a light sentence, due to his lawyers claiming "affluenza"- meaning that, despite the boy's family wealthy he was neglected by his parents. The outrage at the verdict has caused a national outcry, due to the belief of many that a young, wealthy individual had gotten away with a crime due to his background.

Since the national news got a hold of the story, many experts have weighed in on the crime, the verdict, and what it may mean for the future of the legal profession. Many are now calling the "affluenza" defense the new Twinkie defense.

In the weeks since the verdict was first publicized, it has been announced that some members of the victim's family have announced their intentions to pursue a lawsuit against the boy and his family.

Despite the young man's defense of affluenza, having money should never be an excuse for getting away with a crime, especially one in which innocent lives have been lost.

What do you think of this verdict? Do you think it is the new "Twinkie" defense?

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